Our Drones–Videos

Our state of the art team of drones can seed a variety of fields with ease. Drone flight lines can be preprogrammed in from aerial photos of a field, and obstructions at field edges can be avoided by strict adherence to flight lines, along with their GPS tracking, automatic take-off and landing. We love how far technology has come and we hope you do too. We look forward to working with you.

DJI S1000+ 

DJI S1000+  is a drone octocopter, equipped with a CRF spreader, which can reach a 40′ spreading width.


ASTA SAGL-20 is our newest addition to the team and is a hexicopter. With its seeder attached it can spread 20 pounds of seed per minute.

ASTA SAGL-20 equipped with a CRF-innovations UGS-4G seeder


This video gives an overview of the services Cover Crop Innovations provides as a company, and our goals.
Take off and initiation of the autonomous seeding flight over flint corn at Borderview Research Farm, Alburgh VT.
Autonomous seeding flight, using drone model ASTA SAGL-20, over a cleared field at Small Farm in Stow, MA.
The distribution of winter rye seeds in-between standing rows of field corn that was seeded by our drone, model ASTA SAGL-20.

Check out more videos on our YouTube Channel.


Photos taken two months after aerial seeding with our drones. Millet germinated and grew best, then turnips from the pasture mix of  millet, cowpeas, soybeans, turnips and sudangrass.

Early stages of winter rye growth between standing field corn. This winter rye was dropped over the standing corn as seeds from our DJI S1000+  drone approximately two weeks before these photos were taken.

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