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We have an innovative solution to issues faced with aerial seeding over standing crops.

●We seed cover crops into standing cash crops using heavy-lift agricultural drones.

●That way, when the cash crop is harvested, the cover crop  is already germinated and growing resulting in greater biomass as compared to cover crop seeded after cash crop harvest. Sunlight at the end of August/beginning of September supports a lot more growth than sunlight at the end of October/beginning of November. Longer growing period means more photosynthesis, which takes CO2 out of the atmosphere and sequesters it as organic carbon in the soil.

●With winter rye applied to field corn-soybean rotation, carbon is sequestered in the  soil at the rate of 490 kg C/acre/yr with no till,  220 kg C/acre/yr with moldboard plowing.*

        *Olson et al., 2014 (rye into corn)

<–fully loaded takeoff over silage corn, Hadley, Massachusetts

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